"McBride is a blunt, unnuanced man with a fireplug build. (He lettered in four sports in high school.) He is old school, and not easily swept up by visionary rhetoric. And he is not one to back down from a fight."

 - Roger Parloff, Fortune Magazine

"Darl McBride will be remembered as one who fought for the rights of the individual against tyranny, for freedom against slavery, for intellectual liberty against herd mentality. In short, he is a Howard Roark (Ayn Rand's protagonist in 'The Fountainhead') for our age."

 - Francis Erdman, Blog Kinetic

“If Darl McBride was in charge, he would probably make marriage unconstitutional too . . .  a major impediment to the commercial growth of prostitution.”

 - Linus Torvalds

“Foremost in the FUD hall of shame are figures such as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and SCO Corporation CEO Darl McBride. CEOs such as Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy advance FUD from time to time as it suits them but are not as single-mindedly unrelenting . . . “  

- Wikipedia

“Darl McBride, entrepreneur and CEO of Shout TV, Inc., is arguably one of the most persuasive business figures when it comes to pitching . . . “

- Forbes

“[McBride] is no stranger to big business and no stranger to the technology world. He is actually quite a learned man on things like the GPL . . .”

- John Palfrey, Harvard Law School

“Darl has a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit. He is a great manager of people and has an excellent mind for business.”

- Marc Moderzitski

“McBride gets credit for the power-play of the year”

- ComputerWorld

“In two short years, McBride replaced Bill Gates has the most hated man in tech.”

- Ty Mattingly, Wired

“Darl is a linchpin a bold and strategic thinker. A game changer. His inherent optimism allows him to see opportunity in the sparsest of places, and his tenacity affords his ability to sustain momentum when is most needed.”

- Rusty Lindquist, Franklin Covey

“[McBride] obviously thinks differently than garden variety CEO’s”

- Steve Blue, The Business Journals

“Like the fundamentalists of 1925, [McBride] may end up being a footnote in history; or he may arrest the Linux evolution. As yet, it is too early to tell.”

- The Economist

“ . . . but you haven’t heard the last of McBride or his dream.”

- Forbes